References, Resources and Recognition for this project


Outline: Paul Nash's autobiography

The Old Front Line: John Masefield's book about The Somme

An Onlooker in France: William Orpen's journals during the First World War

After the Ruins: Hugh Clout

Associations & Organisations

Friends of Lochnagar: Find out more about this fasinating memorial.

The Imperial War Museum: Thanks to them for making many of their photos and paintings available to share and reuse under the terms of the IWM Non Commercial Licence. Literary representative of the estates of John Masefield

La Boisselle Study Group: Thanks given for an inspirational and educational trip with support througout.


Jeremy Banning: For ideas, talks, tours and loaning of photos.

Iain McHenry: For a fasinating tour around Ypres and the Salient.

Roy Murphy: For the helicopter ride which enabled me to get these fantastic aerial photos of The Somme.

Bill Clarke: For the loan of the Robert Moon diaries and his support regarding Lollingdon House and the Masefields.

Chris Baines: For finding a connection between Orpen and Nash.

Martin Prendergast: For providing me with the spark to get this project started and for military support.

Patrick Dillon: For advice and guidance.

Mike & Judy Barradell-Smith: For advice and guidance.

Guy Liverton: For patience and support.